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Top 9 Ultimate reasons To Study in the UK

Looking for study in UK? You are reading right post on the right place! Find out here how to apply for student visa and process to follow. The UK is one of the best destinations for international students, because of quality education and best education standard. UK degree is acceptable worldwide, and students who have done study from the UK can do job worldwide in multinational companies. A UK education not only opens the door to the world as well as gives opportunities to do work in the UK.

UK MBA and Banking degree are famous worldwide; Students from all around to globe come here to gain a degree in MBA and Banking. World top rank universities are in the UK according to QS world ranking. Here is the list of reasons why you should choose the UK for higher education.

1. Education System in UK

Students who are spending their higher budget on the higher education they must check the standard of education before opting a country for further education. There is no doubt that UK education is the best education in the world because of the quality of the education system. UK education system is assigned by England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Every region has its education system. Students who earned a degree from the UK is recognized all over the world.

The UK universities are bound to provide world-class infrastructure as well as the advanced education system. In the UK, university's classrooms are highly equipped with technology and advanced laboratory. Students learn by practically, and students can experience new thing by experimenting.

The UK education system is innovative many scholars and students come here for research. University of Cambridge and Oxford University are known for their innovation and research. Many new types of research take places here every year so students can participate in it and make their career bright.

2. Multicultural Country

If you walk through the big cities, you will notice people with different skin like brown, white and black and hair are blonde, black and red. People in the UK are British, but all are from different continent; this proves that the UK is a multicultural country.

Students are also coming here from a different continent, and when they meet people from their nation, they never feel alone here. Immigrants from most countries are living here. People speak a different language here. UK native people always welcome people from a different culture and students can enjoy their culture festival and event here without any hesitation. It's not difficult to find their homemade food, and even there is a number of a restaurant which belongs to different nations. So finding foods and people from their country is not a difficult task.

3. Lifestyle In UK

The lifestyle of students in the UK is excellent and dissent, students enjoy their life without any interruption. Student can enjoy the world's top-class living standard without paying a massive amount of money. The expense of living in the UK is not much expensive compared to Australia and the USA. Life of students is very smooth and enjoyable in the UK. Students can live in suitable accommodation, can wear branded clothes, can use advanced technology and can use the world most convenient and safest transport.

Accommodation in the UK is not much expensive if students are living in private housing and preparing food at home is also an excellent way to save money. Students do a part-time job to make some pocket money. Usually, the student requires 1000 GBP per month for living in the UK.

To obtain a student visa, students require to show living cost in their bank account as per the immigration requirement. 

  • 1015 GBP per month if the student is going to study outside of London
  • 1265 GBP per month if the student gets admission in London.

4. Part-Time Jobs In UK

International students have the right to work a part-time job during their study. Students can work 20 hours per week during the study and 40 hours during summer vacation and holidays.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to make some money for their pocket money and gain international experience. Gaining experience in the UK as international students in a relevant field of study is a golden opportunity to enter the world of multinational companies.

Many students get a chance to do a job in the relevant field during their study; after completion of the study, this work experience helps them to gain a work visa.

5. What is the tuition fee in UK?

Tuition cost is also a factor which attracts more students to study in the UK because if we compare the price with the USA and Australia, it is low. Tuition fees for one year depend on your course and university you opt; there are many universities they have different fees structure. The location also a factor that what will be your tuition fees in the UK. Course-related to humanities, arts, culture are cheaper than engineering and medical.  

Usually, the tuition cost is 9000 GBP to 12000 GBP per year. Fees depend on the type of degree and university, top-rank universities are expensive, and universities in the city are also costly. Medical and laboratory degree is expensive, and its tuition fees go to 50000 GBP per year. Some Universities which are out of towns and degree in general courses are not much expensive than Australia and the USA this is an affordable cost for International students as per university ranking. Many scholarship programs are in the UK for International students. 

6. Job Opportunity In UK

Students who are studying in UKVI and UK recognized body university are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours during the study and full time during holidays. Universities who are not under-recognized list are not permitted to work part-time.

Universities help students to find a part-time job on campus and off-campus. Students can find a job with the help of a recruitment agency and an online portal. Here is the list of some online job finder portal of UK.

  1.    Student Job
  2.    Gumtree
  3.    Indeed
  4.    Employment for students

After completing graduation, the UK allows students to work in their country for two years. During this period, students can find a job relevant to their study and can apply for a further employment visa. During this period, students can gain experience in top companies and make their career bright in the world. Even students return to their home country, UK degree boosts CV to obtain a job in multinational companies for higher studies.

7. Weather

As for the UK, it is believed that you can't believe in climate, no one knows that when the rain will come and when you may need to wear the jacket. You will experience different weather in a single day. In general, the UK weather is cold and cloudy and hot sometimes.  So you can say the weather is beautiful in the UK. International students who come here for higher studies they feel fantastic about the weather here. Students never think that they are in a hot country and even they never think they are in cold country.

8. Tourist Attractions In UK

The UK is a tourist country, every year millions of tourist travel in the UK for tourism from worldwide. There are lots of things to do in the UK from sightseeing to history and history to museums and enjoy the traditional culture and foods.

International students who feel homesickness and get bored from daily city life they have great options of going outdoors in a rural area whether on a bike or foot. There are many landscapes, lakes, hollow ways and beautiful wildlife. There is advice to carry a camera to capture the natural beauty for a lifetime memory.

Beautiful beaches and cost are in the UK so students can go to enjoy there during holidays and on weekends. The UK is a beautiful country and famous for tourism, so there are lots of activities to do in spare time. Students can do cycling in outing area and enjoy fishing in lakes. Boating is also popular activities to do, and students like to do.

Different tourist locations are there like Wales, London, Scotland, and England. During holidays students can travel to these places to see the various famous site and to enjoy different activities.

9. Scholarship In UK

If you don't have many funds and cancelling your plan to study in UK, please stop and read this. UK offers various kinds of scholarships to international students who want to explore their career in UK University. Many awards provide tuition fees, insurance, flight ticket and living expense. So don't cancel the plan to study in UK universities.

Students who have done a little bit of research on scholarship they know that they have opportunities to gain financial funding from different authorities of the UK to study in the UK. You can also find the requirement to be eligible, where to apply, and how to apply for a scholarship in the UK.

Here is the list of scholarship to study abroad in the UK, and you could be one of them to get a scholarship.


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