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Ultimate Reasons To Study abroad {Must to Know}

If you are planning to study abroad then you are making an excellent decision in your life. Study abroad decision will change your life and gives you an amazing experience of life which you can’t imagine at the moment. You will get a chance to discover a new culture, make new friends and connections in different countries and you will gain an education that will enhance your career.

The trend of education from abroad is on the peak, students from all over the world are choosing different countries for education. You will be amazed that students from Asia are choosing North America for higher education and students from North America choosing Europe. European is going to Oceania and North America for higher education. This is only because of that now world is a global village and students can do work any were in-world if they have a foreign degree.

Here are some top reasons to choose abroad for higher education which influence students to study abroad.


Advanced Education

The main reason for study abroad is the advanced level of education provided in a western country. Top-ranked universities are providing advanced and technical education which is updated and according to current and future industries. In some developing countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan, the level of education is providing is not updated and advanced. So this education doesn’t help students to get the desired job in multinational companies. Top multinational companies and even top national companies give priority to foreign degree holder while recruiting the candidates.

So why to spend money on education in these countries when there are numbers of countries which gives the chance to study at top universities in affordable tuition cost. Even some countries offer full scholarships (means zero tuition fees) like Germany, Norway, and Italy. There are many scholarships available for international students like Commonwealth scholarship, DAAD Scholarship, QS Undergraduate scholarship and many more.


Gain international experience

Getting an education degree is not only a reason that students are choosing abroad for higher education. Students are choosing abroad for getting work experience in multinational companies because many universities offer internship programs in top multinational companies. During working in multinational companies, students learn how to handle works and how to generate new creative ideas because here you will meet people from different countries. Every country has different basic education standards, so students from different countries have a different way of thinking.

Students who work in multinational companies as internship they also get the chance to get a job offer from these companies if they like student works. So this is the biggest opportunities for students to settle abroad and as well as its help students to get a smart salary even in their home country if they return home. Many companies give priority to those candidates who are holding a foreign degree and experience. So studying from abroad will give you extra opportunities than a home country degree.


Explore new culture

For joining multinational companies, you don’t need only a foreign degree, but you must have experience of a different culture. Without understanding the culture of countries, you can’t help your company to get success. So study abroad not only gives you the chance to study in top rank world universities but also allows exploring the culture of the host country. Students who study abroad they also learn the culture of that country. During the study, you meet the people of the host country while travelling, working, living and studying. You notice there style of living, thinking and working this helps you to understand the new world where you are going to deal in your upcoming life. You don’t learn only the culture of the host country, but also of those countries from where students are coming here for higher education. So this prepares you for a better future and new challenges which are coming in your life.


Become more responsible

Before going abroad you totally depend on your family and friends, you have never tackled daily problems like preparing food, washing clothes and managing money. Your parents are giving you all the facilities for your comfort. When a student lives in a comfort zone, he never gets the chance to develop his mind and strength. When you face problems, you will become stronger and creative, which will help you to gain your goal.

Studying abroad gives you opportunities to face new problems which help you to become stronger for your entire life. It also sharps your personality and makes you responsible for your life. While living abroad, you will make your own decision, and you will learn from your decision it will help you to become a good decision-maker. Living alone far from home also makes you stronger and independent who help you to work in a competitive and challenging environment.


Make a good network worldwide

Many universities organized a cultural program where students from a different culture and countries get together. These kinds of activities give opportunities to come closer and meet new students, and you may become a good friend. Making friends from different countries is also a huge benefit of study abroad. You can imagine how you have friends from different countries and continent. If you study in the home country, you will not be able to make friends in a different country.

Imagine, after study if you are travelling the world and you have friends in those countries. It will be more exciting, and you will get the support and knowledge of that country. It will also ease your travel and make you more comfortable. During education, you may also learn new languages which will help you to communicate with native people of the travelling country easily. You can ask your friend about visiting the spot, weather and rule regulation of that country. Your friend can help you like a helpline number in the travelling country.


Explore tourism

Some people think that tourism is not a necessary part of a career, but according to me without tourism, you can’t imagine a perfect life. During travelling, you always learn about the culture and tradition of that country, and as the world is now global village so if you are working in multinational companies, it helps you to understand the physiology of that country people. You can boost the sale of your products and win the bonus from your companies. Tourism also prepares you, how to take a challenge in life, and how to tackle them.

While studying abroad, you get a chance to travel to that country as a tourist. During your holidays you can select the place to travel and explore the exciting spot. It will give you a break from the study, and you will feel the refresh. You can continue study with new energy after vocation. So travelling will give you new exposer to the world and prepares you for new challenges upcoming in career.


Living Standard

The living standard in a developed country is higher than in developing countries. Living cost is affordable; an average student from a middle-class family can afford the living cost. If we compare the standard, then there is lots of difference between. Life in a developed country is busy, especially for students. Students have no times for personal activities they are busy in study and a part-time job. Students can enjoy the world’s class life they can wear branded clothes, use branded gadgets and can enjoy world-class food.

Students usually got time for their personal life on the weekend, on weekend student goes for movies, activities, travelling and enjoying a weekend night in the club. This busy schedule teaches the students the value of time. Students learn how to manage time and how to complete the task on time. Students who learn the value of life they never face the problems. So study abroad teaches us much value in life.


Part-time Job opportunities

Students who study in developing countries never like to do part-time jobs because of they depend on their family and the in-home country they don’t get a good amount of salary. But in the developed country most students like to do part-time jobs because it gives them international work exposures and a handsome amount of salary. In developed countries, students get a good amount of per hour salary. International students are allowed to work part-time in many countries but in some countries, they are not allowed. Students can work up to 20 hours per week during the study and 40 hours per week during summer vacation.

Apart from money working part-time also gives the international work experience which helps them in their career. Students who work part-time they learn how to work in a team and how to lead the team. Moreover, students also learn how to work in an international environment. Working in an international environment also improves the communication skill of the student, which is very useful in a career. Students who have the international gain experience they got chance to settle abroad also. International experiences of students resume increasing the value of the candidate. So the chance of getting a job in the home country also increases.


So these are the benefits of studying abroad over studying in a developing country. If you have a budget to study abroad, then you must choose developed countries for higher education. After deciding to study abroad, you will find difficulties to choose the best country for higher education. Here we have a list of the best countries to study abroad and the best university in those countries.



Canada is part of North America and developed country. Students from all over the world come here for higher education. Canadian Education is best according to industry standard, and students who graduate from Canadian universities get more chances of employment. Canada has top-ranked universities as per QS ranking.

Here is a list of some universities which are best for International students.

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • University of Waterloo
  • McMaster University

You need a huge budget if you are planning to study in this university but don’t worry if you have a low budget. We have some more options which are best. In Canada, there is the number of public college where students come from all over the world for higher education. Lots of students from India, China, Nepal, and Pakistan prefer to choose these colleges because tuition fees are affordable. There is no compromise with the quality of education in this public college. You will get a high quality of education here.

Tuition range in public college is 14000 to 16000 CAD per year and duration, of course, are four semesters for diploma program and six semesters for the advanced diploma program.

Students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during the study and 40 hours per week during summer vacation. If students choose PGWP approved programs, then they are eligible for the work permit. Students who complete one year program they are allowed to work one year in Canada after study and students who study for two years they are allowed for three years of work permit.



The USA is known for best and quality education in the world; More than 3000 universities are there where students come from all over the world for higher education. Five out of the top ten universities are American, so you can believe that American Education is the best in the world. American universities never compromise with the quality of education. More than a million students are in the USA who is studying there; students choose the USA for a good career and advanced and developed education. Education is being provided in the USA is technical and career maker. Here is a list of 5 universities out of 10 in the world.

  • #1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)
  • #2 Stanford University
  • #3 Harvard University
  • #5 California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • #10 University of Chicago

World’s most top companies are the USA based like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, IBM and many more. So students have opportunities to make their career bright after study. Many universities provide internship in top companies of the USA, so this is a good chance for international students to make their career brighter. USA is famous for IT, Medical, and biotechnology course.

USA degree is a four-year degree, and fees range varies according to the course and universities, most of the public universities charge 18000 USD to 30000 USD and private universities charge 25000 USD to 40000 USD. So public universities are more affordable than private universities.

Students are allowed to work on campus during their study, but they can’t do work off-campus. The USA is a bit expensive for living than Canada but if you are going to study the outer part of the city, then it may be low expensive. Students can stay up to 24 months after completion of the study and find the job in USA companies.



The UK is the eldest country in the world who is welcoming international students from all over the world. UK education is known for its best and quality education. No one in this world who is a student and don’t know about the world-famous university “Oxford University”. This is the best university in the world, and lots of students have a dream to study at Oxford University. The UK is famous for those students who want to make their career in the banking and finance industry. UK education is known best for MBA in Banking and MBA in Finance because the structure of education in these sectors is amazing in UK universities.

Here is the list of some UK university

  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University
  • University of East London
  • University of West London
  • University of South Bank London


UK universities fees structure is affordable than the USA; tuition fees range varies according to course and study. If we talk about the management study fees range is 10K to 12K GBP, and IT and medical Education are a bit expensive in the UK. But no one competes for the quality of education with the UK.

Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week during the study and 40 hours per week during vacation. Now the UK has announced two years post-study work visa for those students who will complete their study from an approved university. So students have opportunities to gain work experience in an international environment. Which will help students for the best career ahead in future?



If you are planning to study in Europe, then you must search for German education. German Universities are best in the world and best for those who cannot afford high tuition fee structure. Students who are not thinking to study abroad because of the fee they must choose Germany. German universities offer free education to International students. International students can apply for a scholarship; there is a number of scholarship available for international students like DAAD.

Here is a list of some best scholarship in German

  • DAAD scholarship
  • Erasmus+
  • Humboldt postgraduate scholarship for postdoctoral
  • Einstein Post Doctoral scholarship

There is a deadline to apply for a scholarship in Germany, so if you are looking for a scholarship in Germany, then you must not miss the deadline. You have to check to continue the websites related to the scholarship.

German universities offer internships in top-class companies where students can do practice and gain international experience. This experience helps students to get settled in the world. German universities are well known for Medical, Mechanical, Auto mechanical, and MBA programs. Students from worldwide come here and gain free education from world-class universities.

Here is the list of top universities in Germany

  • Technische Universitat Munich
  • Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Berlin Institute of Technology
  • Heidelberg University
  • University of Hamburg
  • And many more


Students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during study and 40 hours per week during holidays. Students are allowed to stay for 1.5 years on a job search visa where they can gain international experience and apply for a permanent job in German industries.



Australia is #1 choice for international students; students from all over the world come here for higher education. Australian universities are famous for quality education. Australian university provides practical education so students who want to do research related course they must opt for Australia for higher education. Australian universities are privates, but they never compromise with the quality of education. The government has a strict policy for education providers for the quality of education. Universities and colleges have to follow all standard which is made by the education ministry, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of education.

Here is the list of top Australian universities

  • Curtin University
  • University of Tasmania
  • Charles strut University
  • Victoria University
  • RMIT University
  • Swinburne University


Commonwealth scholarship is famous in Australia; students from developing countries can apply for this scholarship. The scholarship covers all the tuition fees for three years degree. The tuition fees range in Australia varies according to university and course. The average tuition fees are 25000AUD to 40000AUD.

Australia is a multicultural country; more than half the population of Australia is Immigrants and speaks differently than the English language at home. So if you are coming from India, Nepal, China, or Vietnam than you don’t need to worry about the culture of this country. You will find people from your country also here.

Students are allowed to work part-time here 20 hours per week during the study and 40 hours per week during holidays. Students are allowed to stay in Australia for two years after study on a work visa. Students can find a job during this period for gaining international experience.


New Zealand

New Zealand is a favourite destination for many international students for higher education. Students love New Zealand because of its natural beauty and peaceful country. New Zealand is the most beautiful and safest country in the world. So people who worry about their children to send abroad for higher education may opt New Zealand. New Zealand education is acceptable worldwide, so students who graduate from New Zealand can get job worldwide.

New Zealand multicultural country people from all over the world are living here. Students can find the people from their home country so students will never feel the homesickness here. Students are allowed to work part-time during the study so students can gain international experience during the study. New Zealand also offers a job search visa to international students; students can find a job and stay up to 3 years.

There are several world-ranked institutes and universities which welcome international students and offer quality education. New Zealand universities are committed for best and quality education to international students. Fees range in New Zealand is varies according to university and course. Average fee range is 18,000 NZD to 30,000 NZD. Students can afford these fees, and New Zealand fees structure is lower than other countries like USA, UK, and Australia.

Here is the list of top institutes of New Zealand

  • University of Auckland
  • Waikato University
  • University of Otago
  • Wintech University
  • Victoria University of Wellington


So these are the reasons and countries to study abroad. Choosing a study abroad will be the best decision for your entire life.

To Apply study abroad fill out this form for a free assessment of calling us 9729201279 for the best guidance.



Why Study Abroad?

Studies from the abroad open the door to the world, students who are having a degree from the reputed university has more chances to get a job in MNC companies. Students also learn the value of time, life and teamwork.


What is the best place to study Abroad?

There are many developed countries where you can study like Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.


What is to study abroad?

You can opt for many courses abroad according to your interest so choose the course as per your career choice, or you can contact us for the best course for you. Our counselor can suggest you best option for you.


Which is the cheapest country to study?

If we compare the tuition fees and living cost of a different country than Germany is the cheapest country for Education because Germany offers free education.


Where can I study abroad for free?

Germany, Italy, Norway and Finland offer free education to international students.


What is the best time to study abroad?

You can opt study abroad after higher secondary education or bachelor degree. But choosing a study abroad for the undergraduate course is the best time to study abroad.


What is the entry requirement for study abroad?

The student must have completed higher secondary education in the home country and must have an English language test score according to the entry requirement of the destination country.





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