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{QS Ranking} Top 10 Cities To Study Abroad In 2019

According to QS ranking 2019, these are the top 10 cities to study abroad out of 120 cities. This article will give you the best guide to choose the town for you to study overseas. QS Has ranked the city according to six parameters, including affordability, student review, and cost of study. Students every year give feedback and help in ranking the cities, so in this way, QS choose the cities and select the cities for best. 

So are you curious to know about 11 cities which are in the top 10 in the world? One of them may be your dream city. Number third is my favorite city.


London is on top as always, students from all over the world going to London for higher education. London is the oldest destination for international students. Students are going to London for higher education to gain quality education because education standard in UK universities is very high and practical. As per students' feedback, QS has given first place to London as the best city for international students to gain higher education.

London is the most famous place for international students in the last century. Students are coming here from a different country, and students love to study here. There are many factors that attract more students here for higher education.


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2. Tokyo

In this technological world, you can't miss Tokyo (Land of technology), Japan is the safest country in this world, so students from all over the world love to study here. Japan technology is famous in the world, so innovative students always love to come here for higher education because Japanese universities give opportunities to explore the creative idea. Students get a high standard of living and top-class infrastructure in Japanese universities. Japan is known for its healthy discipline society, which gives value to time. 


3. Melbourne

The highest numbers of students go to Melbourne for higher study, students who are going to Australia for higher education; more than 70% of students prefer to go to Melbourne. Melbourne is the hub of IT, so its the best place for technical students. Students have given the best rank to this city because of high standard life. 

Students who enroll here for higher education get lots of career opportunities, and this helps students to get settled in top multinational companies. So according to QS world ranking, Melbourne is the best 3rd city in the world for higher education. As I said, this is my favorite city.


4. Munich

This is German's 2nd city, which is on top 10 lists in QS world ranking. Munich is the well famous city of Germany and famous among international students for higher education. Many students love this city because of affordable and due to lots of career opportunities for them. Munich is not only accessible but also beautiful and safe for international students. Munich is also the hub of top rank universities, the education standard of universities is high. So students from all over the world love to study here.


5. Berlin

Berlin is most significant city of Germany; Berlin has jumped two places this year and reached on top 5 cities in the world. Students love to live here because of low expenses and a high-quality lifestyle. Students from all over the world come here to study. Students have lots of work opportunities in Berlin, and students easily find a job to gain work experience in the top city of Berlin. Many universities are here who don't charge even single penny from the student as tuition fees. Also, some universities provide living expenses to international students.


6. Montreal

When we are talking about the best city in the world to study abroad, how we can miss Canada's best city Montreal. Toronto and Vancouver are also the top demanded city for higher education, but according to student's review, Montreal is the top 6 cities because of its beauty. The temperature here is suitable for students, students feel well and enjoy here students can do lots of activities here and visit different natural places, so students have ranked this city on the top 6th. Language, which is most spoken here, is the French. 


7. Paris

If we are talking about Europe, we can't miss Paris. Students who love quality lifestyle and loves to shopping they can't miss Paris. Paris is in the top 7th because of the best lifestyle. Paris is the hub of tourism people from all over the world's come here for tourism. Paris also was on top one destination for international students during 2013 and 2017. 


8. Zurich

Europe's largest financial center and most significant city of Switzerland Zurich remains on the top eight best places to study abroad in 2019. Zurich remains on top because of the most demanded city for international students. Zurich is a safe and clean city and a natural heaven on earth. Students who love to live in nature love to study here. Students from all worlds come here for higher education. Living cost in Zurich is higher than in other cities in Europe. 


9. Sydney

When we talk about to study abroad in Australia, then we cannot miss Sydney because of its quality lifestyle. World's best universities are in Sydney, and students from all over the world prefer to study here. Sydney is not much expensive as compare to New York and Auckland.

Sydney is the center of trade and technology in Oceania. Students from Asia, Africa, and Europe come here for higher study. As per student survey, city, life, and the beautiful beach attracts international students here for higher education. Multinational companies also a big reason for students to come here to study and gain experience.  


10. Seoul

South Korean capital city Seoul is on number 10 along with Hong Kong. Both cities are in the top 10. Both towns are safe and secure for international students, so students from all over the world prefer to study in Seoul and Hong Kong. The number of international students is increasing every year. Seoul National University is ranked on 37th as per QS ranking


Seoul economy is in the top 11 in the world and 4th largest economy in Asia. Students who come here for higher study get opportunities to gain experience in world-class technology companies.


10. Hong kong

In 2018 Hong Kong alone was on top 10, but in 2019, Seoul comes along with Hong Kong on prime 10th number worldwide. Hong Kong is the best financial center in the world and most choosing cities in the world for higher study in Asia. The University of Hong Kong is on the top 25th list in the world. 


This is the list of the top 10 cities in the world to study abroad.

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